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The safety of our clients is our top priority.

Give us a call today and find out how we can help you or a loved one find safety and peace of mind.

There is nothing standard about this device.  This system is one of the most phone service friendly systems available on the market today.  Extremely flexible for any installation.

Water proof supervised and very light weight necklace and/or wrist band available. Up to 600 feet of range from transmitter to base. Works with virtually any phone company. Built in backup battery provides up to 36 hours of use in a power failure. Easy test features. Amazing 2-Way voice clarity. Assembled in the USA. The Mytrex-MXD is designed to adapt to keep you safe.


No phone service? No problem.  We have wireless service, too.  Especially helpful for the seasonal traveler.

Cellular phone based system.  Waterproof pendant and / or wristband available.  Up to 400 feet of range.  No phone company required.  Built in backup battery provides up to 30 hours of use when power fails.


If you live a more active lifestyle and need a more mobile solution, leave your home knowing you can get help from virtually anywhere.  We can find you help and get it there no matter where you are.

Cellular phone based system. Uses the latest in location technology.  With cell phone coverage increasing everyday you can travel with almost limitless restrictions.  So long as you have wireless service, you can get help and be located quickly. Battery life is up to 48 hours on single charge. Spare battery and charging stand come standard for convenient replace and go use. 2-Way voice live operator response when activated.


Which product is right for you?

Choosing a product for our clients is one of the most important decisions a company can make.  Our product has been thoroughly tested and meets the demands of evolving telephone services.  Whether you have service from your Cable provider, Majic Jack™, Vonage™, or other non traditional phone services our system will work.  We also have wireless and GPS services available for almost limitless protection.

Installation available in the immediate San Diego, CA area only.  Installation fee may apply.

Every device is backed by our superior 24/7 monitoring center.  Designed to always be available when you need it.  No penalties or limits on how many times you can use or test your system.  You can rest easy knowing that while we get help for you, we stay with you until help arrives.

Prices posted do not include any shipping, installation or activation fees if applicable.

Installation is still available in the immediate San Diego, CA area only.  Installation fees are $65 without any applicable discounts.

Shipping fee is $15 for domestic ground throughout the continental United States. Shipping fees are determined at time of sale and are subject to carrier rates if expedited shipping is requested.